Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gay Ohio History Initiative?

I was reading a regional newspaper and I saw an notice for GOHI, the Gay Ohio History Initiative. Having never heard of it, I looked them up.

"In January 2006, Outlook Weekly and The Gay Ohio History Initiative [GOHI] formed a partnership with the Ohio Historical Society [OHS] to preserve, archive and curate Ohio's LGBT history and culture. This is a ground-breaking partnership between Ohio's preeminent history preservation organization and LGBT Ohioans."

The article indicated that they were looking for photographs, documents and artifacts related to Ohio GLBT Pride events and other aspects of GLBT life. Collections items may include diaries, family photographs, or moving images.

I thought the project sounded interesting and rather curious that a State agency like the Ohio Historical Society would be involved but fantastic that they are. Click here for more information and how to donate.

Cincinnati's Gay Pride events will be here shortly - June 14 & 15. Check out this video from daninohio (not me) on YouTube:


Queer in the Cincy said...

you know i checked this out a little bit ago and i'm still trying to figure out about it.

CityKin said...

"Collections items may include diaries, family photographs, or moving images."
Does moving images = video?

The idea definitely has merit, and it is suprising that it is State Sponsored by the State that recently ammended it's constitution to ban gay marriage or civil unions.