Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chili Capital?

Today on MSN, there was a piece on the Food Capitals of America.

The article started off with Cincinnati as the Chili Capital. Here is what they said:

"Cincinnati doesn’t serve up the Tex-Mex chili most are used to, but surely has the most chili restaurants of any city in the United States. Created in the 1920s by immigrant restaurateurs, Cincinnati chili has more in common with a Mediterranean stew, its beef spiced more with cumin and cinnamon than chile peppers. You get it two-way (over spaghetti), three-way (over spaghetti with cheese), four-way (over spaghetti with cheese and beans or onions) or five-way (over spaghetti with cheese, onions, and beans). Empress Chili was the progenitor, but the Goldstar and Skyline chains are the largest, each with dozens of outlets in Cincinnati and elsewhere. Skyline met with such success that it went public in 1986 and was bought up by Fleet Equity Partners in the late 1990s. Of course, the city’s healthy appetite for its beloved creation fosters a trove of independent eateries, still serving it whatever way you like."

I'm sure some city in Texas will dispute that claim. But I'm cool with it.

Here is a photo of the Skyline in Clifton from a California blogger, Adam, who made a visit to Cincinnati. Check out his blog post at Blog Bilong Adam.

Are we the food capital of anything else? Goetta maybe? Should reclaim our authority on any food item that we maybe lost like beer or pork. I'm all for a Porkfest. Or maybe Porkpalooza.

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VisuaLingual said...

I'd suggest brats and metts as well. BTW, there's already the World Pork Expo, which I've attended and which is mind-blowing, but I'd be all for some other food-related festival or -palooza. We could use events beyond Goettafest.