Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness

Tournament Summary

Again, thirty-two buildings and structures will compete this March to see who will be crowded the best in Cincinnati by our readers. "Teams" have been seeded by the Committee (me) and divided in to two regions – East & West. Two teams will be selected by a "play-in game" beginning tomorrow where folks can vote and nominate their favorites not listed. These two will join the competition for a shot at the title.

Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness Tournament Bracket

Note: Click the individual games for game details!

Tomorrow, nominations for the play-in game begin with the announcement of some nominees for considerations. The two top vote getters will move on to compete as the 16th seed in each region. YOU will be able to nominate buildings & structures as well by voting for "other" and adding a comment to tomorrow’s post. Voting will take place until Thursday, March 5, at 5:00 pm and the winners announced.

The first four games of Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness (see bracket) will be played beginning March 6 and voting for a favorite in those games will end at 5:00 pm on March 8. This process will continue through the month of March until a sole winner is crowd on April 7 . . . which just happens to coincide with the NCAA National Championship Game.

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