Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness

The Elite 8

The Regional Semifinal match-ups are set and voting begins tomorrow to determine our Final 4. All the games are as follows:

In the East Region:

#1 Music Hall vs. #12 Bishop’s Place
#2 Carew Tower vs. #3 Spring Grove Cemetery
In the West Region:

#1 Union Terminal vs. #13 Memorial Hall
#3 Roebling Bridge vs. #7 City Hall
To view the entire 2008 Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness Tournament Bracket and see individual game summary and stats, click here.

Eight facts about our Elite 8:
  1. Spring Grove, founded in 1845, is the oldest competitor. Its historic main office is also older than any other structure and its carriage house was completed the same year as the Roebling Bridge (1867).
  2. Union Terminal, completed in 1933, is the youngest beating out Carew Tower by just two years.
  3. Architect Samuel Hannaford was directly or indirectly involved with four entries: Music Hall, City Hall, Memorial Hall, and Spring Grove. Memorial Hall was fully executed by his sons after his retirement and he completed the Chapel at Spring Grove . . . besides being buried there.
  4. Bishop's Place is the only remaining residence and the only building remaining designed by James McLaughlin.
  5. Art Deco is well represented by both Carew Tower and Union Terminal.
  6. Five National Historic Landmarks remain in the field of eight and out of twelve total competitors that began in this competition.
  7. Music Hall and Memorial Hall are neighbors and have been since Memorial Hall was completed in 1908.
  8. I'm pretty sure Memorial Hall could fit in the rotunda of Union Terminal.

Games 25 -28 begin tomorrow with voting ending at 5:00 on April 1.

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