Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Walking Tour: North Avondale

Yesterday’s rainy weather, today’s cold weather, and a post at Urban Ohio prompted this tour of North Avondale in spring.

From the North Avondale Neighborhood Association:
"Businessmen such as Andrew Erkenbrecher, Samuel Pogue, Frank Herschede, Barney Kroger all built homes on these winding streets around the turn of the century. Many of these residences were and still are some of finest examples of residential architecture in Cincinnati. Italian Renaissance, English Medieval, Greek Revival and other styles can be found here."

Photos are from a May 2005 Cincinnati Preservation Association home tour. Some of the homes shown were open to the public that day. I do not have specific historical information on the homes at hand. However, I might be able to dig something up if enough people were interested.

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Kevin LeMaster said...

Beautiful. That first house might be my favorite in the neighborhood--I love the green tile cladding.