Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fountain Square Turkey Bowl

Went down to Fountain Square at lunch today to check out the Freestore Foodbank Turkey Bowl:

"We're bowling frozen turkeys on the Fountain Square ice rink, because it'll be awesome. Bring two non-perishable food items for your chance to participate. The person who knocks down the most pins in three throws will win an iPod Shuffle! Celebrity bowlers will be on hand to show us how it's done, and Constance Brennaman from My64 will emcee."

I actually thought it was pretty funny and just good-natured. Three Bengals were the celebrities and they "bowled" first. I didn't get any good pictures of them. But it was such a nice day and there was a nice little crowd on hand. And the fountain is still on!

In addition I thought I would note that Potbelly has a sign up that they are coming soon and hiring and the north terrace is nearing completion.


Veggie Option said...

The guy wearing the blue shirt in the first photo appears to be John Eckberg from the Enquirer.

Dan said...

It is. Each person was introduced and I remember that.