Monday, November 5, 2007

Final Countdown: Elections!

November 5, 2007

So on Saturday, November 03,’s "Politics Extra" Blog had a piece entitled, "Last weekend open thread". As the last weekend of the campaign they invited comments on "predictions for city council, CPS levy, and the sales tax". At lunch today I read through the thirty-four comments they have received so far. Of those thirty-four, not everyone made predictions; some just ranted and rambled on. Click here for one of those -- it is quite interesting. A couple of times there were just "Little Jeffre" comments. I decided to tabulate how many times different candidates were mentioned for finishing in the top nine. So as of noon today, this is how council "mentions" broke down:

1. John Cranley – 15 mentions
3. David Crowley – 14 mentions
3. Chris Bortz – 14 mentions
4. Roxanne Qualls – 13 mentions
7. Laketa Cole – 12 mentions
7. Leslie Ghiz – 12 mentions
7. Charlie Winburn – 12 mentions
8. Cecil Thomas – 9 mentions
9. Chris Monzel – 8 mentions

The rest:
Jeff Berding – 7 mentions
Pat Fischer – 6 mentions
Greg Harris – 6 mentions
John Eby – 4 mentions
Minnette Cooper – 3 mentions
Wendell Young – 2 mentions
Brian Garry – 2 mentions
And one mention each for Jeffre, Malone, Harper, Pavlish, and Patton.

Here are a couple comments and predictions I thought were interesting:

Kevin Holloway said...
"Jail Tax fails! School Tax Fails! Mental Health Passes!
Cooper, Winburn, Garry, Malone, Monzel, Harper, Crowley, Bortz, Berding"

Middle Class Guy said...
"Cranley, Qualls, Winburn, Crowley, Bortz, Monzel, Thomas, Cole, Cooper
Issue 22 and Issue 27 fail with room to spare. Simon Leis has another meltdown."

I'm sure this will be right said...
"1) Berding, 2) Cranley, 3) Eby, 4) Monzel, 5) Ghiz, 6) Cole, 7) Pavelish, 8) Patton, 9) Thomas"

Anonymous said…
"1. Cranley, 2. Crowley, 3. Qualls, 4. Cole, 5. Winburn, 6. Bortz, 7. Ghiz, 8. Thomas, 9. Harris"

Anonymous said...
"I know some of you want Garry, Jeffery, etc. to win, but I just ask that you show respect to the Cincinnati electorate. If we take each other seriously and fairly, we can just leave it up to the voters to make objective good decisions. Jeffre and Garry and other long, long shots are not bad candidates, simply inferior ones. Cincinnati will get it right... those of you who want to complain about past elections should look at some of the two faced crocks (smithermann, reese) that seemed good and then brought city hall down. Make good decisions."

Anonymous said...
"Why do you people think Cecil Thomas is out? He'll be in the top 7."

Anonymous said...
"Loss for Winburn. Loss for Malone. Comprehensive Safety Plan passes."

Over at Cincinnati Blog, Brian has his Monday predictions. His top nine as he predicts them are as follows:
John Cranley
Roxanne Qualls
David Crowley
Chris Bortz
Laketa Cole
Charlie Winburn
Chris Monzel
Cecil Thomas
Greg Harris

What does everyone think? Are your minds made up before tomorrow's election? I think mine is. Reminder, polls are open in Hamilton County from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm tomorrow. For more information on voting in Hamilton County go to the Board of Elections website.

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