Sunday, November 25, 2007

3 Bar Night

Last night I did a little bar hopping and went to three bars I had never been to before.

First off, we went to Mac's Pizza Pub at 205 W. McMillan Street to watch the UC football game and grab some dinner - pizza, of course. It actually was pretty good. And the Bearcats won the game. After food and a number of beers we drove to Northside for our next stop, The Comet. Located at 4570 Hamilton Avenue it was actually smaller than I expected. The talk around the bar though was a larger than expected crowd. My friend and some people at the bar said they had never seen it this crowded before. I thought the mix of people was interesting. The band playing was Lions Rampant. (I think we missed Cincinnati Suds.) It wasn't my type of music but the twentysomethings there seemed to enjoy it.

Next was our final stop of the night, The Gypsy Hut. Located at Spring Grove Avenue and Dale Avenue this eclectic bar is a cool, hip little place that I do not know if I was really hip enough to be in. A series of small rooms on the first floor link to a nice, large outdoor patio. There is also a sparse second floor room with a second floor patio. It all felt like some secret club with barren walls where the sole purpose was drinking. Another interesting mix of people filled the rooms. I think there was a basement but didn't go down the steps. At some point we were drinking beers, talking, and freezing our butts off on the roof looking out over Northside. What a strange evening.

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