Sunday, October 14, 2007

Survey Says . . .

Best places in Cincinnati to experience Rookwood Pottery (for free).

Top 6 answers on the board . . .

1. Union Terminal

The Rookwood Tea Room

Completed: 1933
Architect: Fellheimer & Wagner w/ Paul Cret

My number one choice for the main reason that you can basically dine completely surrounded in Rookwood! The old Tea Room is now the Rookwood Ice Cream Parlor.

2. Gidding-Jenny Department Store


Rookwood Installation Completed: 1907

3. Cincinnati Art Museum


The Cincinnati Art Museum has a wonderful collection of mantels, panels, vases, and other art pottery. I'd show a picture but their copyright laws frighten me. Use the Museum's website search function to browse their Rookwood collections. And of course the Art Museum is free!

4. Carew Tower


Completed: 1930
Architect: Walter Ahlschlager w/ Delano & Aldritch

5. Cincinnati Public Schools

Various Locations

A variety of Rookwood Pottery is, and was installed, in a number of Cincinnati Public Schools including drinking fountains and various decorative panels and friezes. I do not have the occassion to go in to too many of the buildings but check out An Expression of the Community, a book on the art and architecture of Cincinnati Public Schools. Published and available through the Art League, they were actually resposible in paying for much of the artwork throughout the school district from the turn of the century through the 1970's. The above is a piece above the entrance at Westwood Elementary, completed in 1908.

6. Dixie Termnial


Completed: 1921
Architect: Garber & Woodward

Other places? Did I miss your favorite? Does Bang! count? Let me know what you think.

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