Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ride the Bus

So, I admit it. I had never taken public transportation in Cincinnati before Saturday. I have traveled by bus, light rail and subways many times in other cities but never here. After an off-topic Banks debate on Urban Ohio, I thought UC Homecoming would provide a good excuse to use Metro. I didn’t want to mess with traffic and closed streets due to the parade, and paying to park more than likely blocks away. Plus, I live less than two miles downhill from UC, on the edge of the Central Business District. Seemed like a waste to get in the car.

So basically going to campus was a snap. After the $1 fare, I was at campus in a matter of minutes onboard the Route 17 Bus from the Hamilton County Courthouse. With the detours, the bus driver even alerted me when to depart. (She sensed my newness.) Getting home was a little more difficult. After UC’s defeat by Louisville, I tailgated in Corry Lot a little with my crazy family (captured earlier in the evening) . . .

Then went to catch the bus. That late however, the bus only runs every hour. So when I just missed the 11:48 bus back downtown, I decided to take a cab home. Cabs were plentiful at that time at Clifton and McMillan. So in the end with the cab ride I probably spent more than if had I driven but I still feel better about not having to drive home . . . especially after way too many beers.

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5chw4r7z said...

I use the bus daily, as a UC employee I get to ride for free. Can't beat that, no gas or parking fees. Its funny, I was aprehensive the first time I rode it because I had bought into the whole public transportation is bad propaganda, but I really love riding the bus. I get home and I'm not stressed out.
Its great.