Monday, October 22, 2007

Final Countdown!

UFC 77: Hostile Territory at US Bank Arena: October 20, 2007
Wrap up!
Well Saturday’s Main Event is in the history books. The Enquirer has a piece here. It indicated attendance at the event was 16,054. And that it was the largest grossing event EVER for US Bank Arena with a gate of $2.54 million dollars.

I did think it was a good crowd; But not great actually. I think the atmosphere at UFC 68 in Columbus, OH was even more impressive. That was Ohio’s first UFC Main Event but there were also about 3,000 more people. So that may have had something to do with the heightened, electric atmosphere in my opinion. I also preferred Nationwide Arena as a venue over US Bank Arena. Overheard many comments about the small concourses and inadequate bathrooms. (Men totally outnumber women. I might say 4:1, so lines for the bathroom were long. A guy at the Bengal’s game on Sunday said he witnessed men opting to urinate in the sinks in lieu of waiting in line.)
I took a few pictures. Not great given the lighting and it was hard to snap them. But I was near where fighters entered and exited.
If anyone was out and about on Saturday, there were a lot of ‘fight folks’ around town. Stopped by Cadillac Ranch for a beer before the show around 6:30 and there was a good crowd eating or just watching football in the bar area.

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